A little bit of love. Listen to the client, give them what they need.

The Bright Company switched to us for a better service –  based on a referral – as they didn’t feel that previous accountant really looked after them.

THE BRIGHT COMPANY are a small business who found a niche in UK designed and sourced child focused clothing.  As an owner-managed business they originally engaged the services of a local accounting firm who met their needs as far as Companies House and HMRC were concerned, but were left feeling that something was missing.

To the rescue! Interim cover gives flexibility when needed most

Uncertainty of funding at the same time as an internal accountant leaving left a gap – we were asked to fill this role based on our ability to see beyond a one-size-fits-all solution

London based charity with annual income of around £1m was faced with the problem of their permanent accountant handing in her notice at around the same time as many of the charities funding agreements were due to terminate.

Unable to commit to mid to long-term employment, they were reluctant to recruit a new permanent accountant and wanted an interim and more flexble arrangement. Many firms were willing to take on the assignment but the organisation that really stood out to them was ours.


Because unlike Audeo, other firms simply offered a standard terms of business and a standard fees list; by taking time to understand the needs of the organisation, Audeo put together a fully costed proposal that not only beat the competition in terms of price but also delivered a perfectly tailored solution.

Because we listened, the success of the interim role was proven by a three-month contract being rolled over again and again in spite of the funding issues being resolved.

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Bigger, faster stronger: expansion fuelled by well-managed relationship

The rapid growth of a clients’ company was easily absorbed by using Audeo – something it would have been impossible for the client to do with only their internal resources.

A recruitment firm with a clearly defined growth agenda were aware of the stresses this would have caused for back office functions such in their existing, small accounting department. Instead of ignoring the problem and muddling through, they made the decision to engage Audeo Accounting to manage the process on an outsourced basis.

Audeo provided a team to manage their immediate needs, as well as cope with the expected growth potential which has been realised at a staggering rate of 250%  per annum for the last two years.

The facts speak for themselves – smooth management by Audeo accompanied a significant change in a rapidly expanding client business turnover. This resulted in turnover tripled, margin halved without any difficulties for the client.

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